your dream life


To the multi-passionate entrepreneur who knows she was put on this earth to live a wildly abundant life and create revolutionary change:

it's time to...



Which is why Manifest Your Dream Life teaches you both the energetics and the strategy

with results like these

"I went from collecting unemployment to consistent $8k months in my own business"

"I finally launched my first course and overcame my fear of selling. I made $1,600 in 7 days!"

"I manifested $70k in commissions as a Real Estate Agent one month after joining the program!"

I get it


  • Have these sneaky little mindset blocks that creep in every time you get a good idea and try to move it into action

  • Waste time scrolling on social media, stalking your competitors, and wonder how everyone else has "figured it out" but for you, something is still not clicking

  • Get exhausted by the gurus, influencers, and course creators telling you to just believe in yourself and think positive because you know there is some strategy that goes into creating a successful business

  • Feel burnt out because you're working hard, trading your time for money, but somehow your bank account doesn't show for it

  • Watch hours and hours of TikTok videos, download the free ebooks, and even invest some money into a coach or a course but still not see the long-term multidimensional success you hoped and dreamed of

  • Get severe shiny object syndrome and feel like you're running on a treadmill rather than climbing a ladder when it comes to your success



Having a clear and intentional inspired plan of action

Building an influential brand that attracts in ideal clients while you sleep

Living as an aligned entrepreneur who doesn't have to sacrifice quality of life to grow a 6-figure per year business

Getting paid to be yourself, traveling the world, and showing up authentically online without burnout

Making more money with less time spent because you're attracting in opportunities rather than chasing them



Imagine This...

  • You get to travel the world while your business brings in $10k+ months and you no longer have to trade time for money

  • No more scrolling on social media wondering when it's "your turn" to be successful because success is now a part of your daily life

  • Your dream clients land in your inbox and say "I just found your page and I love your vibe. How can I work with you, like yesterday?!"

  • You are master at manifesting money and the affirmation "The more me I am, the more money I make" finally holds truth

  • You've officially conquered your limiting beliefs and are living in true abundance in terms of health, wealth, love, happiness and freedom 

If you're here it's because you know you're destined for something greater in life like becoming your own boss and you're ready to increase your income and impact

Although, if that were the case, why would graduates from top Ivy League colleges be stuck with debt and unemployed? Especially in the current economy, it's now harder than ever to find a job or even find a company to pay you what you're truly worth.

Besides that fact that you only get 2 weeks off a year and you are going to get paid the same amount of money no matter how hard you work.

I know this because I used to be stuck in the rat race too.

After months of working my 9-5 by day and reselling my clothes on Poshmark by night I began Google searching "how to make money online" since I was in multiple 5-figures worth of debt from college just to get this "great job".

I knew there had to be another way that I could learn an unlimited amount of income and increase my impact in the world without overworking myself.

After learning about e-commerce and selling clothes on Poshmark, I paid off $25,000 worth of debt by building a personal Poshmark brand. I created an Instagram account and drove traffic to my Poshmark page and within 6 months, I was debt free.

success is 95% mindset and only 5% strategy which is why this is much more than a business course

the truth is

Successful entrepreneurs start before they feel ready

it might feel scary but what about if you decided to take an inspired risk on yourself and you...

- Doubled your investment within the next 90 days because you finally knew what to do to move the needle forward in your business?

- Had more time to do the things you love, with the people you love, without having to ask anyone for a day off ever again?

- Earned your first $10k month and popped a bottle of champagne from Paris because you can now work from anywhere in the world making effortless cash?

- Finally stepped into the version of yourself who knows her worth and charges extra for it... 

Most entrepreneurs are stuck thinking that they need more information, more knowledge, and more experience to grow a successful 6-figure per year business.

I used energetics mixed with my social media skills and some business strategy to pay off $25,000 worth of debt within 6 months.

Once I saw my limitless potential as a human being, I was hooked.

You see, most courses, influencers, and entrepreneurs will tell you that you need a "better strategy", to run FB ads, or to start a new Instagram account because the algorithm is working against you.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

I missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars because I tried applying an overly masculine strategy and lacked clarity, intention, and purpose.

I used to think that I was a failure and that I wasn't meant to be an entrepreneur. I self-sabotaged and let my limiting beliefs stand in my way. 

Initially, I thought building a personal brand meant getting lots of likes, followers, and comments and I'd spend my days creating more and more content just hoping more people would see it.

They told me "the more I post, the more my business will grow."

But then at the end of the month...

My bank account had nothing to show for it.

After months of cut and dry templates and outdated strategy, I decided to do something that had never been done before.

I began applying the energetics, feminine approach, and manifesting techniques I had been practicing for years in my personal life to my business.

Within two years, I collapsed time.

In 2020 I was $25,000 in debt, working a 9-5 on Wall Street, living in my childhood bedroom, and had less than $1,000 to my name.

Now, in 2022, I'm a multiple 6-figure CEO, living in a high rise in NYC, in a relationship with my soulmate, we travel the world, and I have an online community of 175,000+ all while running a successful online manifestation coaching business.

I spent years hustling thinking that it was the only way to success. It was only once I fully shifted my identity that I realized that the more me I am, the more money I make. 

Success, overflow, and abundance comes from embodiment...

Which is when Manifest Your Dream Life was born.

It's the only coaching program on the internet that values mindset, energetics, manifestation, AND business strategy and support. 

This program is disrupting the online coaching space by putting mindset work at the forefront to manifest a successful 6-figure per year business.

In Manifest Your Dream Life you're going to learn EVERY step of the way so you, too, can build the business of your dreams with less time spent and massively increase your income and impact.

You're going to learn everything you need to know about how to shift your mindset to attract in cash flow, clients, and community with ease...

If you're just starting out in business or have an entrepreneurial mindset and wondering what to do next, Manifest Your Dream Life is the place for you.

Through MYDL, you'll be building a business from the inside out with community and sisterhood right by your side.

It's much more effective, sustainable, individualized, and you'll be creating long-term, multidimensional wealth for years to come.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to building your dream business. After all, you don't attract what you want, you attract what you are. That is the core of manifestation, but not everyone out there will tell you this.

Through MYDL, you're going to create a business around being yourself. The same way I did. When people ask me what I do for a living I simply say "I get paid to be myself" and in the near future, you'll be saying the same too!

You'll learn how to show up authentically online, attract in your ideal clients while you sleep, and organically sell life-changing products and services and earn $10k+ months consistently.

Now more than ever, people are opening up their own businesses where they can travel the world, work from anywhere, and attract in effortless sales because of the potential there is to earn an income online... PLUS the higher level of consciousness people are awakening to each and every day.

When you realize that the only way you could ever fail at being in the business of being yourself is by never trying. 

If you've made it this far, let me be the first to tell you this...

Your dream was planted in your mind for a reason and if you keep putting it off, the Universe will keep sending you signs until you listen. You'll receive the same message over and over again until it's heard.

At this point in time, you have two options

1. Stay in the same place one year from now and look back wondering why things are still the way they are (*cough cough* because you haven't made any changes)

2. Pursue your dreams with an unwavering belief in yourself and lean into support and guidance because you know the only way to fail is to never try

Every aspiring entrepreneur has felt this way. Lack of clarity, imposter syndrome, self-doubt and limiting beliefs but the only difference between a successful entrepreneur and a non-successful entrepreneur is…

If this page found you in divine timing, it's probably because...

You're a multi-passionate, heart centered entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who's ready to grow a wildly successful business and earn $10k+ months

You know you were destined for something greater in life like becoming your own boss, a leader for others, or an expander in this world to help impact people on a deeper level

You're ready to collapse time, break out of the matrix, and see unconventional results in your outer reality because you decided today to move into action

Your soul is screaming for something extraordinary. You're ambitious, motivated, creative, and ready to put your time and energy towards building something for yourself to create long-term multigenerational wealth

If you heard a tiny whisper that said "Yes, that's me!" then MYDL is the perfect program for you...

You're looking for community, sisterhood, support, and expansion because you know entrepreneurship can be a lonely road

You're deep in the sea of possibilities when it comes to building your own business. As entrepreneurship is rising like we've never seen it before... you know you're capable you're just looking for some direction 



your dream life

a 12-week online group program where you'll learn how to build an influential brand and use energetics mixed with business strategy to manifest 6-figure success

the first ever GROUP PROGRAM to take the internet by storm that teaches how to build a personal brand, lead as a heart-centered entrepreneur, and earn 6-figures per year doing what you love

Our program encourages creativity, uniqueness, and stepping into your highest and most authentic self. We prioritize setting strong foundations and then taking bold, inspired action while we stand by your side every step of the way. 

In our signature program you'll get a healthy mix of 1:1 screen time with Giulia, sisterhood and support through our private community, and self-paced work for you to implement beyond the calls. We'll help you build your wings and by the end of the program you're able to fly into 6-figure success with the mindset, energetics, and strategy.





Manifest Your Dream Life is a twofold approach of

Sam Germano

Sam joined MYDL when she was earning inconsistent $3-5k months as a realtor in NYC. One month after she joined, she closed two deals which resulted in $70,000 in commissions (more than she'd ever made in her entire career thus far)! After this breakthrough, she's been manifesting deals left and right. This is just the beginning!

real estate agent

Sabrina Weibel

self-growth leader

Sabrina came to me looking to finally take herself and her business seriously as an entrepreneur. Before our work together, she had earned around $300 in the entire lifetime of her business. She went all in, launched her first course, and 5x'd her business revenue within 30 days. She ended with a $1,600 course launch her first time around. This opened her perspective to what's possible in the online coaching space.

Dre came to MYDL when she quit her 9-5 because she wanted to go all in on her dreams and become a concert tour manager. After the course, she became a FULLY booked tour manager and went from collecting unemployment to earning consistent $8k+ months. She's also spent this entire summer on tour in Europe with A-list artists.

concert tour manager

social media manager

Arianna came to me when she wanted to start her own business as a social media manager. After overcoming limiting beliefs and internal blocks, she booked her FIRST client as a social media manager for $850/mo. An additional $10k per year on top of her full time job!

Arianna Sammarco

Dre Velarde

We know that results speak louder than words, so take it from our past students

Program Breakdown


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unlearn, uncover, and release




master the art of manifestation

definiteness of purpose


Did you know your subconscious mind runs 95% of your life? Imagine thinking you don't have the strategy right, the algorithm is working against you, or you're just not "cut out" to earn $10k months. Not true!

During this phase, we focus on shifting your identity and creating an internal change for massive quantum expansion. Say goodbye to the self-sabotage, low vibe story, and limiting beliefs and prepare to quantum leap into the thriving, 6-figure CEO your soul is screaming to be. 


Mindset, Energetics and Manifestation


Building an Influential Brand Like a Boss


Whether you're an online coach, IRL entrepreneur, content creator, or selling any products or services, building an influential brand is the core ingredient to having a thriving business.

People don't buy products and services, people buy the story that stands behind them. When you have a powerful, influential brand you can attract in ideal clients rather than feeling like you're constantly chasing. Say goodbye to clients who ghost, brands who ignore your emails, and feeling "icky" when it comes to sales. This phase is all about bringing in effortless sales and cash!


social media strategy


storytelling that sticks


authentic and potent messaging

social selling + community



Inspired Action and Implementation


You could have the best engine in the world but without gas, the car won't move.

This is our approach when it comes to inspired action and implementation. By this point in the program, you'll have the strategy, framework, and specific inspired plan of action to begin manifesting massive success.

You'll learn the process for attracting dreams clients in your sleep and finally call in the abundance that you've been destined for all of your life.









Ready to Build the Business and Life of Your Dreams?

P.S. You don't have to have it all figured out. All you need today is a strong belief in yourself that your success is inevitable and we'll walk through this journey, together.

In Addition
You'll Also Receive:

12+ core training modules

With access to our signature program for life, you get an all access pass to 12+ core training modules for you to elevate your business and personal life. These modules are designed for you to take at your own pace, review when you need a refresher, and keep you accountable for taking massive radical action in your life to manifest your dream life and business!

weekly group coaching calls

Through MYDL, screen time with Giulia is our top priority. We want YOUR questions to be answered directly and we want you to have top tier training from the manifestation, business, and content creation expert, Giulia, herself. We've also noticed in our past program how essential live group energy is.

P.S. Can't make a call? No prob, you'll receive an instant access replay for you to watch on your own time with lifetime access!

private group for daily support

Say hello to sisterhood, community, and daily support! Plug in, get support, ask your questions and offer help to others in the group. Goodbye are the days where we use FB groups, we're using a private community app where you can separate your questions from successes to sharing your favorite podcasts! We're in this 3-month container for the long haul.

guest speakers, events, + more

We're not limiting this to an online only program, we want you to receive the FULL benefits of connection and building a heart led business. You'll get first access to limited spots for in-person workshops, retreats, and so much more. This is just the beginning of being a part of the MYDL community.

certificate of completion

By the end of the 12-week program, you'll receive a personalized certificate of completion! You'll be certified in #ManifestingYourDreamLife and you can share this award with you wherever you go and into your future business ventures!



the social media masterclass bundle

If you want to build a business on social media, then this 3-day workshop was made for you! Giulia will be hosting THREE exclusive masterclasses: 0-10k Masterclass, The Influencer Masterclass, and Ideal Clients Masterclass (with the replays available) and you’re getting an exclusive all access pass for FREE! Say bye bye to selling $9 ebooks and hearing crickets and hello to 4-figure offers that SELL themselves!

Plus EXCLUSIVE Access to These Never Before Seen Bonuses



make sales sexy again live 3-day workshop

It's time to fall in love with selling! For years, Giulia spent her days feeling "icky" for selling until she learned that selling is just an energetic exchange. She's earned up to 5-figures a day from selling from a place of abundance. After this training, you'll be removing the phrases "too salesy" and "I'm so bad at selling!" from your vocabulary. You'll learn the energetics behind selling and what it really takes to close 4-figure deals on the daily!



the soulful biz starter kit

"Email list? Courses? How do I take payments online?" We've all been there before! Which is why you'll receive the most ESSENTIAL resources you need to build your dream biz from A-Z whether it's an email CRM, checkout cart, or legal contract, we've got you covered!! You'll get direct links and direction on how to use these programs and softwares. Giulia has tried many different options and she is only giving you the absolute best of the best!



the audio library for subconscious reprogramming

Have you ever heard of the phrase, practice makes perfect? When enrolling in the MYDL course, you're getting access to the exclusive audio library where you'll receive life-changing guided meditations, affirmation audios, and many more additional resources to help you rewire your subconscious mind through repetition.




In this EXCLUSIVE instant-access, 6-module bonus course, you'll learn how to heal your relationship with money and become a magnet for money miracles. Say goodbye to your limited money mindset once and for all. By the end of this bonus program you'll be attracting in abundance on autopilot. Think of it like this, you'll no longer be chasing money babe, it'll be chasing you!



Guest masterclass
vault and expert lessons 

In this vault of guest masterclasses you'll receive expert, bonus lessons from some of the most well renowned coaches and healers in the online space. This vault is continuously being updated and you get access to these lessons for life plus any bonus material that is added. You'll also receive exclusive discounts and offers if you'd like to work with the coaches or buy any of their products and services in the future! 

free 1:1 coaching call with giulia


Marlies Baert

"Before joining, I had read all the books and done all the things, but I still wasn't  seeing the results I wanted. I spent my entire savings on this program and manifested the money back within one month of joining. At work I got promoted to head of Spanish real estate in Belgium for Century21, which means I will be traveling to Spain each month and it’s been my dream forever. It’s been a very very long time since so many positive things happened in such a short time!"

Hear From More of Our Past Students!

"I can safely say that this course was my best investment ever!"

Briana Carbajal

 "I'm an entrepreneur and had my own business but I felt like there were still a lot of limiting beliefs holding me back from my success. You get the one on one support from Giulia every step of the way that the other courses didn't have. The first two weeks of beginning the course I manifested new clients for my business and new opportunities. I had been trying to do this for months and it finally come through once joining! Giulia breaks it down so wonderfully in ways I'd never heard it before! She provides so many great resources through her programs. Best investment you can make is an investment in yourself!"

"I had invested in multiple courses at this point but investing in Giulia's course was the best decision."

Hi, I'm Giulia!

... and if we haven't met yet

Over the past few years, I've helped hundreds of people manifest their dream life of abundance, happiness, love, joy and freedom. I am a mindset mentor, manifestation expert, social media guru, and female entrepreneur here to inspire people to build businesses from the inside out.

When creating the newest version of Manifest Your Dream Life, I wanted more than just a DIY course with a stale Facebook group. I wanted a way for us to connect, for you to receive daily coaching, and somewhere you could turn to for sisterhood and support.

After investing nearly $50,000 into my own personal growth over the past few years, I realized that support on my journey and mindset work has been the foundation of my success (not the hours long of video modules - you can find that on YouTube for free).

Manifest Your Dream Life fills in the gaps that were missing through my years and years of mindset coaching, group coaching, masterminds, and many business courses I've invested in.

Today, my personal development brand serves over 170,000+ people worldwide and I'm here to serve you now too.

It takes a little more than just a positive mindset to manifest massive success... it takes a trust within yourself to know that you're destined for it and it's circulating in your energetic field at this very moment.

If you trust yourself, the process, and the power of coaching and mentoring, I promise you will come out of this process with results like you could never imagine.

I'm confident this program will give you the financial ROI you're looking for. As a matter of fact, it'll give you 3-5x what you put into it. What I'm talking about is the emotional ROI. The emotional freedom and deeper fulfillment you'll get from the program because that's what my students rave about most.

Remember, waiting attracts waiting. The more you put off your big dreams, the more the Universe will wait to deliver them. Take this as your sign, you wouldn't be presented the opportunity if you weren't ready.

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to bring all of your wildest dreams into fruition?

Isabelle Dick

"At first I wasn't sure if I could afford the course, but I also knew that I couldn't afford to stay in the same position I was in. I took an inspired risk on myself and within days I was receiving unexpected money flowing into my existence. I've also been receiving messages that my followers have been inspired by my content and it reminded me that I don't need 10K followers to inspire people. I can honestly see a shift in myself, my mindset, my happiness and my positivity. I feel so grateful for this course and to be a part of the MYDL community."

"I’ve seen many changes in myself and now changes in my circumstances"

Hear What More of Our Past Students Have to Say




feel more optimistic about the future of female entrepreneurship


every day

at this point in time


more female entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago

there are

new women-owned businesses start up

The Facts Are:


A multi-passionate entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who is looking to grow a heart centered businesses using organic social media traffic

An aspiring coach, course creator, influencer, online service provider, or business owner who wants to use social media to make easy and effortless sales and build community

Looking for more than another self-paced course. MYDL offers community, live coaching, daily support, and an abundance of resources that the only way to fail would be to not try at all

An ambitious, goal-getter who is looking for a clear direction of inspired action to take to manifest their dream life and attract in massive success

Someone who understands that living a life of ultimate freedom is truly only achieved through building your own business and you're ready to manifest $10k+ months within the next year


Looking for a quick fix, trendy manifestation technique, or overnight success to building a successful business

Not interested in entrepreneurship or are not interested in using social media to grow a 6-figure per year business

Not willing to put in any work or contribute to our community. Manifestation is not magic and we encourage you to take the inspired and aligned action given for you to see results

Someone who sees this program as an expenses rather than an investment in your future 

Looking for someone to do the work for you and rely on co-dependent coaching or hand holding

If you've made it this far...

You're probably considering enrolling in Manifest Your Dream Life

... and this is about the time where you wonder if this program is the right fit for you. I totally get it, but let me be the first to tell you...

As long as you have a gut instinct that you're made for more, that you're ready to build a wildly abundant life through creating your own business, you love social media and want to turn your passions and interests into a successful 6-figure business...

Then this program is for you.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck in what I like to call "analysis paralysis". They'll spend months and months trying to think of a great business idea, book title, or Instagram post that they end up having no results to show for it.

(That sounds like a lot of time spent with very little results to show for it... right?)

This is not the type of course where you invest and then have to do everything on your own with no accountability, support, or results. This proven program is results driven and is made for you to have screen time with me, the coach, and where you're supported through sisterhood and community every single day.

If you're afraid you can't afford it, ask yourself "can I afford to live without this?". The answer is probably no. You can't afford to put your dreams on hold any longer. Waiting attracts waiting. You were made for so much more.

The minute you decide to say "YES" the Universe starts conspiring for you. Why not sign a contract with the Universe? Sign a contract that states for the next 12 weeks you're going to give it your all and 3x (if not 5x) your investment financially and emotionally.

It all starts with you. A decision you have to make with yourself today. Once you decide, the Universe will begin moving mountains for you.

If it's worked for hundreds of others, imagine where you could be in your life if you decided to just say "YES" today. Yes to choosing you and your personal growth.

let's sum it up

here's everything you'll get with manifest your dream life

$9,997 value

12+ LIVE Coaching Calls with Giulia

$1,297 value

*LIVE WORKSHOP*  Make Sales Sexy Again Sales Training



$3,997 value

12+ Core Training Modules

$597 value

*BONUS BUNDLE*  The Social Media Masterclass Bundle

The Soulful Biz Starter Kit Vault of Resources

$497 value

*BONUS COURSE*  The Money Manifestation Academy

$497 value

The Audio Library for Subconscious Reprogramming

$397 value


*BONUS BUNDLE*  Expert Lessons and Guest Masterclasses


Access for LIFE!!!

+ $20,170

It’s important that you know the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF value you’ll get in THIS PROGRAM. These numbers are an accurate and honest description of what you'll receive. we're not here to throw arbitrary numbers your way.

$597 value

$997 VALUE

Pay in Full Gift (Bonus 1:1 Coaching Call with Giulia)

Guest Speakers, Live Events, Training, and More

PRIVATE Group Chat for Daily Support 

$1,297 value

Manifest Your Dream Life is only $2,997

payment plans are also available

click here for more 

Sam Germano

"I have been able to 5x my income, bring in my most ideal clients, create the most aligned and expansive feeling offers and really build the structures of my business that I didn't have before because I was stuck in that cycle of being afraid to take action... I would invest in this again and again."

Sabrina Weibel

"I manifested $70,000 in Real Estate Commissions one month after joining the program... and I can confidently say it was worth every penny that I put into it. "

The Results Speak for Themselves

"I realized that I wasn't taking any action to see change in my life which was my aha moment of 'it's now or never' and that's when I invested into the program. Before joining this course, I felt like I lacked direction and was kind of just feeling stuck. Not only did this course help me focus on what I actually wanted out of my business, it helped me clear up a lot of blocks that I didn't even know I had. I deep down believed in myself but I just needed that extra push to help me find it within me."

Nishat Rahman

Dre Velarde

Cozy Rosati

Arianna Sepuca


When does MYDL start?

Is this program only for entrepreneurs?

I'm super busy, what if I don't have time?

When are the group coaching calls?

Are there payment plans available?

How much access do we get to Giulia?

Can I join next time?

How is this program different from the other courses Giulia has?

This feels like the PERFECT fit, but I have more questions!

Ready to Build the Business and Life of Your Dreams?

P.S. You don't have to have it all figured out. All you need today is a strong belief in yourself that your success is inevitable and we'll walk through this journey, together.