Hi, I’m Giulia. 

Mindset, motivation, and manifestation... that's what got me here.

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew exactly the kind of life I wanted to live. A life full of true love, fulfilling work, pure happiness, financial freedom, and good health. What I didn't know was how exactly I was going to get there.

Growing up I suffered from perfectionism, I lost many relationships that felt like they were meant to be forever, and constantly searched to be someone outside of who I truly was. I was burnt out. I lost my sense of self and realized I was living my life based on other people's versions of me and not on my own version of me.

i decided to spend four months living in another country and it finally clicked. 

I returned home from Italy and began my summer internship, what I thought would be the start of my dream career on Wall Street, but was actually the beginning of my greatest awakening. I made a friend in the office and he introduced me to the book The Secret. Little did I know, that very moment would change my life forever. I learned all about the Law of Attraction and decided to give this whole “manifesting” thing a try. Sure enough, I did it. I manifested an unexpected $5,000 check in the mail, exactly as I had asked the Universe for. 

I paid off my entire student debt ($25,000) within six months, I attracted in thousands and thousands of dollars, I manifested a Range Rover, my dream body, my gorgeous New York City apartment, and my favorite of them all, my dream relationship. I realized that I had learned how to become a magnet for miracles.

It wasn't all that easy. I didn't have anyone to turn to during my spiritual journey. I had to learn through lots of trial and error, a constant turbulence of emotions, and I longed for energetic support. 

What I did have was an overwhelming amount of love and support for myself. I felt extremely grateful for all the Universe had given me. When I couldn't find the support I needed, I decided to become that support for myself, and later, so many others. I decided to teach people all about the Law of Attraction and they started having massive breakthroughs. I discovered how powerful the mind truly is and taught people how to rewire their subconscious to become a magnet for miracles. Over the years, I realized one important thing, that we're all capable of getting exactly what we want in life, we just have to be on the frequency to energetically attract it. 

Ultimately, I realized that I was the only thing ever standing in my way. My old mindset, my blocks, my limiting beliefs, my old self.

If I can get out of my own damn way, I know that you can too.

let's manifest

Manifest Your Dream Life

Ready to ditch the trendy manifestation methods and actually create a life full of meaning and purpose? In Giulia's signature online program, you can finally say goodbye to the morning routine you just can't seem to stick with and hello to a life that works for you where you truly have it all. You'll get Giulia's full approach to manifestation, bonus lessons from other industry experts, live coaching calls, and so much more! 

online manifestation course


High Vibe Vision

Say hello to your all-in-one manifestation planner aka the first step in bringing all of your manifestations to fruition. The High Vibe Vision is a downloadable workbook where you'll receive journal prompts, intention setting guides, my secret morning routine, productivity tips, and many more action-based items to achieve your manifesting goals. 

downloadable manifestation planner


$7k in 7 Days Masterclass

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to manifest more money into your life? In this exclusive masterclass I deep dive into how I manifested $7,000 in 7 Days by using one simple technique: scripting! You'll receive the exact scripting letter I used to manifest this desire and how you can get started scripting for success, today! You can also use this method to manifest non-money related desires, it works for everything!

instant access masterclass to begin scripting


-Bre D.

"When I first discovered Giulia, I kind of pushed her manifesting stuff as a “crock”, I thought maybe I was being too negative so I decided to give her method a try. I set daily goals and said daily affirmations for myself. I kept saying the affirmations she provided and then I unexpectedly received a $20,000 check from my Dad's annuity. She changed my life!"


-Sam Germano

"When I first joined the Manifest Your Dream Life course, I felt an instant shift. I started feeling lighter, more at ease, and finally found an unwavering confidence knowing that what I wanted would happen for me. I originally joined the course to start earning consistent income as a Real Estate Agent because I was inconsistently earning less than $5k per month. My original goal was to earn $8k per month but I ended up manifesting 9x that goal thanks to MYDL."

"I EARNED $70,000 in Real Estate commissions one month after joining Manifest Your Dream Life"

-Dre Velarde

"So was it worth it? 100%. I’ve unlocked a new level of myself and I’m so grateful for the Universe aligning me with Giulia. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to start a new chapter in their life and needs a little bit of guidance. I'm now earning $8-9k months in my own business doing something that I love. The lessons are the things you know are the right thing to do but the program breaks it down easily. Giulia’s energy and passion for her work is contagious and she is so appreciated."

"The results have been life changing and my mindset  is completely altered"

-Rachel Anderson

"Working with Giulia has changed my life forever; from a professional point and a personal one. Giulia is not only an amazing mentor, coach and manifestation expert, but she is a partner and a friend. In the past year, I went back to school to pursue my dreams and landed my first coaching client before graduation , a goal i set since day one. I have created a life filled with love, abundance, fulfillment & happiness all with the guidance, love and support of Giulia. If you are going to invest in yourself, invest in working with Giulia; she provides the best tools, resources and guidance to create your best life!"


-Jillian Hetherman

"Everything I wrote down came true! Giulia guides us through a free write which is where I finally learned how to surrender and release control. After this, my manifestations were coming true left and right! I even manifested my ideal romantic partner who I’m now in a relationship with. If you’re thinking about investing in this, I’d highly recommend doing so.”

"if you're thinking about investing in this, i'd highly recommend doing so."

- Carola Visone

“Giulia gives people an opportunity to change their life forever and her work is priceless. I feel happier, more positive, and extremely grateful. Even on my hardest days, I’m able to use her teachings and completely shift my mindset. Also, after using her method for a few short weeks, I was able to manifest 500 euros. Her method is simple, straightforward, and it works every single time.”

"I was able to manifest 500 euros"